Monday, June 15, 2009

German presentation goes terribly wrong

This video has been bouncing around the Internet since at least January 2007. But it’s new to me. And new to lots of other people since it keeps getting reposted to video-sharing sites. (Another version is on YouTube.)
It shows a German presentation gone horribly wrong when the speaker’s inappropriate screensaver kicks in.
Unfortunately the origins of the video appear unknown as far as I can tell. This video from LiveLeak points to a Web site where someone purporting to be the speaker involved leaves a message in German.
The person writes that the presentation was a “nightmare.” He says he tried but couldn’t stop “this damned screen saver.” He says it was “by far the most embarrassing moment in my life” and affected his job and relationship with a woman named Sarah.
But the site is suspect because it links to a German novel called “Broscheks Optionen,” which seems unrelated. But I might be wrong. Despite my German heritage, I can’t speak German and the online translation programs are a bit shaky.
At least one version of the video is called “Peinlicher Bildschirmschoner,” German for “Embarrassing Screensaver.”
It’s unknown whether it was the man’s actual screensaver or he was set up as a prank, perhaps by the person videotaping.
Suggested rating: R (NSFW – Not Suitable For Work)

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