Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autotune controversy

Not since disco has there been a musical style that has divided music fans as much as autotune. Autotune refers to technology that corrects pitch in vocal and instrument performances.
Many artists have used the technology since the late 1990s to disguise offkey singing and other mistakes in performances. But recently, thanks to R&B singer T-Pain, autotune has been used to distort the human voice and create a distinct sound in popular music. T-Pain's style has been copied by numerous R&B and pop artists. It was even spoofed in a series of online videos called Auto-Tune the News.
The technology was already controversial for helping cover up lousy singing. But now the distorted vocal effect has become one of those musical stylings that's likely to define an era of music. Years from now you'll hear one of these tunes and think about how dated it sounds. (See Wikipedia entry on Auto-Tune for more about the controversy.)
The top video shows T-Pain demonstrating his new iPhone App called I Am T-Pain to other artists.
The next video is a music video from KRS-One and Buckshot mocking autotune in a track called "Robot." Warning: KRS-One and Buckshot video is R-rated for language.
The final video is from the Auto-Tune the News series of mashup and remix videos by the Gregory Brothers. (See Wikipedia entry on the Gregory Brothers.)

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