Sunday, May 13, 2012

TSA portrayals in TV advertising

The following are portrayals of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration in television commercials.
As you can see, TSA agents are not shown in a flattering light. The agency is more despised than the IRS and these commercials reflect that.

TSA workers hassle and degrade passengers at an airport security checkpoint in this SafeAuto insurance commercial.

Two female TSA agents confiscate a bag of Lindt chocolates from tennis player Roger Federer and then check out his body.

U.K. telecom company Orange shows what movie theaters would be like if they adopted TSA-style security. (See article by Adweek.)

Three TSA agents pass judgment on a business proposal that two professionals are carrying through airport security in this FedEx commercial.

A TSA agent is so concerned with checking a passenger's crotch that he doesn't notice that the man is bringing an Echo chainsaw through airport security.

Two female TSA agents make a handsome male passenger strip naked in this Axe Body Spray commercial.

TSA agents (played by Kathy Griffin and Jim Gaffigan) confiscate a Sierra Mist soda from a passenger (played by Michael Ian Black).

A commercial for Reitmans apparel shows TSA agents gawking at female models.

A glum passenger chews a stick of Wrigley's Extra gum and suddenly he gladly takes off his suit jacket, belt and shoes for TSA thugs.

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