Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More humorous TSA parody videos

Funny video for a product called Flying Pasties, which lets women cover up their private parts from intrusive airport body scanners.
Product is from Flying Pasties International.
Video posted to YouTube by TruTV in June 2011.

Follow-up product for men called the Cockblock, designed to shield a man's privates from the TSA's prying eyes.
Video posted to YouTube by Flying Pasties in October 2012.

"Family Guy" takes a shot at airport security in this clip.
Posted to YouTube in October 2011.

Comedian Victoria Jackson pokes fun at the TSA's screening procedures.
Video posted to YouTube in October 2012.

Rude airport passengers and stupid TSA procedures are mocked in this video, posted on Funny or Die in November 2012.

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TSA Full-Body Scanners - Jeffrey Goldberg
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"The Colbert Report" takes on the TSA's full-body scanners.
Posted to the Colbert Nation website in November 2010.

TSA parody music video by Without a Face.
See article by Jaunted.
Posted to YouTube in August 2012.

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