Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One-year experiment over: One Stop Video shutting down

In March 2009, I started One Stop Video as an experiment in video aggregation.
I wanted to see what a website would look like that curated the best videos from around the World Wide Web. I selected everything from viral videos, television commercials, amateur remixes and mashups, and professional comedy shorts. It was fun, but too much work for me right now.
I still believe there is a great need on the web for a premiere curator of online videos. No one likes to watch a bunch of lame videos to find one good one. That's the value that a curator would provide. Even the best original video websites are hit and miss -- the Onion News Network, CollegeHumor and Funny or Die. And they focus only on their own videos.
For One Stop Video, I tended to curate videos from aggregators such as the Huffington Post, Digg and I Am Bored, as well as those original content creators I previously mentioned.
Here's hoping that some group will step up to be the TV Guide of online short videos.
I expect to continue posting links to funny and interesting videos, just not embedding them, on my original blog Tech-media-tainment. Here's the first batch. I'll tag these lists "One Stop Video" for old time's sake.

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